Introduction to The Madfis Group

Who are The Madfis Group?

The Madfis Group is an online casino marketing agency. We work closely with casino operators (online and land-based) to provide all the information and support required to create a successful business. We were founded in 1995, thus we have over 25 years of experience and have worked with thousands of successful casino companies worldwide. All of Madfis employees have gone through an extensive training course to ensure they are well equipped. You can expect Madfis to provide the highest skills and knowledge in the industry.

The casino industry has seen a huge growth in competition in the last 20 years. With over 2,800 sites activate online and over 1,000 land-based casinos in the U.S. alone. To stay relevant and successful, casino operators have to work hard to stay on top of the game. They must be prepared to invest in marketing and the latest technology to keep high standards of customer satisfaction. And also keep well-informed of what the ever-increasing market needs. This is where Madfis are there to help. We have all the information, marketing techniques and latest technology information needed to set your casino business apart.

What service do we provide?

Madfis group provides essential information, marketing management techniques/strategies and personalised business plans. We help in any way possible to ensure you can achieve your buisness goals. And this is done quickly and efficiently with all the experience, knowledge and skills necessary. With over 25 years of experience and many examples of extremely happy and successful customers (just read our customer reviews!). This will save you time, energy and stress. And you’ll feel secure and confident knowing your business is working with a trusted and reputable marketing agency. We’ve got you covered.

Naturally, the gambling industry is forever-changing and expanding. Therefore, we work with you to keep up with the latest demands of the industry. To not only grow your business but ensure your gaming solutions are up-to-date, top-quality and relevant. We offer a huge amount of services. Here’s an overview of what The Madfis Group offer for your casino business:

Identifying valuable marketing strategies

Mafis work with our respected clients to identify different marketing strategies to suit your casino business. We have a great record of tried and test strategies to save your business valuable time and of course, money. We focus on maximising clients for your business. By attracting new customers but also keep regular customers interested and loyal.

Marketing solutions

We will even take on marketing techniques such as campaigns and advertisements for an added fee. This gives casino operators the opportunity to watch how the professionals create these ideas and solutions. So they can learn and apply these techniques to their next marketing ideas. And find the most effective ways for your business.

Evaluation of progress

We won’t just leave your business after we’ve completed the inital process. We will support you through the process and always work with you to evaluate your ongoing progress and results. And use this data to help plan the next moves if you continue to require our assistance. There are many other things we can help you with. Such as SEO, CRO, social media management and social media advertising, web design and development, website maintenance, content marketing, emails, reviewing and much more.

Sign up with us today and arrange a free over the phone consultation. We will be honest and open about what The Madfis Group can do to help your specific needs. Take some of the load off yourself and work with professionals to make your journey a smooth and successful one.

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